10 years ago, Steven was a merchant Banker and Felecia was in the rag trade.  Despite the different industries, they were both in the business of making big money for other people.

Steven decided to set up a Mystery Shopping business.  Felecia joined him shortly after.

Felecia created business processes which remain three times more efficient than the competition.  Steven sold to Australia's biggest companies from a zero base.

Here's what they realised. When working with corporates, you never deal with the decision maker. This faceless decision maker can end the business relationship in one foul swoop, regardless of the value you give, and without even meeting you.

In the Mystery Shopping business they have evaluated over 200,000 stores around the world, and have seen over 100 different sales systems and management philosophies.  The data showed them what works, and what doesn't.  The corporates just don't have enough stake in the business to listen or act on the results.

The Mystery Shopping business is successful and it continues today.  But they shifted  focus.

After playing this game for some time, it became clear that the corporates needed to be fired.  Steven and Felecia decided to work with people who want growth, change and a successful business.  People who will take action.

ThreeSeven Consulting was born.

  Steven Di Pietro

Steven Di Pietro

I worked in Banking for many years.  Eventually I got sick of swimming with sharks.

The good thing was that I learnt all about big business disciplines.

The bad thing is it makes you lazy.

No-one has responsibility in large corporates.  I'm talking about the responsibility which comes from starting a business with no clients, no experience, no credibility, and no cash flow.

If it fails, so does your whole life.  Corporate employees simply go to the next paycheque.

I've had all the classic education of Commerce degrees and and MBA.  Somehow I even became a Certified Accountant. The education was useful, but it doesn't teach you how to live in the stresses and responsibility of your own business.

More importantly, I now educate myself in what "I" consider important.  Everything from Philosophy, to Writing and Presentation skills to Sales and Niche Marketing.

All that experience, all that learning, and all those scars are what I now bring to my clients.  And I love it.  I love working with committed people who want to get shit done.

  Felecia Bramble

Felecia Bramble

I used to work in the rag trade where I did everything from IT to doubling sales.

Even when I became a senior manager in a boys club I was forced to fight like hell.  Instead of concentrating on what I was employed to do - growth, success, and profit; I had to fight for the basics.  I fought for staff, warehouse space, getting my sales processed and even fighting for my desk.  Dumb!

I'm a hard working person with the results to prove it. Cut costs? Done! Increase sales? Done!  Pay rise?  “You should be grateful to have a job in this economy”.

No matter how hard I worked, it was clear that others only cared about their own pockets or careers.  As a result they didn't get the most out of me (or others) because of the bullshit games.

I have built successful teams and delivered awesome results with and without the games. The most successful teams, were bullshit free.  Go figure!

When my time came to be an owner, I did it my way, by my rules. I knew what to do, and what not to do.

Now I help other businesses smash through performance barriers by helping them get their systems and processes right.  I still love doing that work, the only difference is that nowadays I work with who I like.