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Our TWO TIMES TURNOVER program centres around how to double your turnover in three years, but more than that, it’s a program designed specifically for small businesses looking to go the next step.

Businesses are either looking to:

a) Generate more revenue,

b) Cut costs, and/or

c) Free up time for the owner.

Many of our participants are tradies or specialists in their field. They have no problems spending money on new tools but often forget to spend money on the most important tool of all, the one between their ears.

We do it in three phases:

  1. Pre-launch - to get your head ready
  2. Action
  3. Conference

The whole program runs over half a year, but it is centred around an 8 week online program as well as a special event to tie it all up.

February 16 is start date, but before starting, there is a pre-launch to get you ready.


The pre-launch phase sets you some specific exercises to force you to think about your business.

It asks you to think about where your business is today and how you got there.

It’s interesting that most business owners are living IN their business everyday but don’t actually get to look from the OUTSIDE to look at what’s happening, and how they got to where they are.

This sounds simple, but it’s hard to do.


The next program starts February 16, 2015 and we get our hands dirty.

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The action phase is an 8 Week program with multiple steps within each week.

Every Tuesday video release (1 hour):

  • a restricted area video delivering content and exercises.
  • all videos will be available after each release over the 8 weeks.

Every Thursday Group call (1 hour):

  • all participants get to ask questions of the moderator.
  • all participants get to learn off other similar businesses.



Week 1

Discovery and Goals - Precisely defining what the goals are of the business and the owners.

Week 2

Identity of the business and the owners (unpacking your personal genius - TIP It’s probably not how your earn your money).

Pre-work for Week 4 is sent as an exercise

Week 3

Niche - How to Market a small business so you don’t have to depend on referrals.

Week 4

Personality Profiling - Understanding the personality of the owner, Staff and life partners.

Week 5

Doubling Turnover in Three Years - Understanding the formula for doubling turnover. Choosing from the over 90 strategies available to small business.

Week 6

Freeing up time - Doing everything yourself or getting others to do the work.

Week 7

Serving your customers better.

Week 8

The end game. Your definitive action list for the next two years.


We’ll be sending bonus material on:

  • How to avoid the fast growth, no money trap which kills small businesses
  • How to keep in touch with your customers and referrers automatically (Step-by-step video)
  • How to run Facebook ads (they are massively powerful - if you’re interested)


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This will be held in an exclusive East Coast Australian location (think warm) over a massive weekend of activity. The cost of the program does not include accommodation or travel.

This is exclusive to participants and a life partner. This is where we all meet face-to-face and you get to meet other participants.

We start Friday night with an introductory session where we get to know each other.

Saturday is all about work.

We want all partners in the room Saturday morning. After that, they are free to do as they choose, and we keep doing the work.

This gets intensive


The total cost is $8,250 (ex-GST) with an immediate $1,000.00 deposit. Instalments can be arranged so you're fully paid by Feb 16, 2015.

After the deposit is paid, one of our other partners will call you to be double sure you are a good fit for the program. (We only want people who are prepared to do the work and not drag the others down). Either party can decide not to proceed at this point and have the deposit returned.


Can I break it up and just do the bits I need?

NO.  Here’s why. Most business owners self-diagnose their problems. They think that if they can only fix this one little problem, then everything else will be OK. Wrong. You need to cover the whole lot because often, the real problem is hidden, OR it’s avoided.

Can I just go to the conference?

NO. Here’s Why. The conference is different to any other event because ALL the participants will have been through the same Pre-work, and the same 8 week program. You will ALL be speaking the same language and we don’t have to slow down for interlopers. 

Why the Deposit?

Because this is about dealing with the crossroads. This is about taking the first step. This is about deciding not to stay where you are now. This is about getting used to making different decisions. Nothing says “Decision” like using your credit card. This is about backing yourself NOW.