Most people blame the outside world when things go wrong.  This might be true in some cases, however people tend to create their own roadblocks.

As business owners there are decisions we all have to make that really suck.  Some will avoid making the decision, others pick the easy option, and others make the right decision and move on.

You have undiscovered talents, and hidden flaws you probably even hide from yourself. This is where business transformation starts.

We give you the tools to do this all yourself.  Everyone is amazed at what they find.

Your partners

Partners in business are the other people who have skin in the game, and who make decisions (not silent partners).

Partners in life also affect your decision making process. So we make sure you pay attention to both.

These relationships should make the business stronger, rather than get in the way.

Aligning your goals with your partners is not always possible, but we help you understand where they are coming from. There is a difference.

Imagine understanding them better, getting through to each other, and with more respect.


Your staff

Sure you're the boss.  You are the hard ass making the rules and people should just do as they're told right?  Wrong.

Your staff need to know that you have their backs, that you'll fight for them.  If your staff know this, they will have your back and fight for you - and therefore your business.

This can only happen if you know and understand the people you've surrounded yourself with, and if you understand yourself.

Unsurprisingly, you have your own agenda and goals, and so do the people around you.