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Have you ever been so entrenched in something, so focused, but you can’t understand why it’s not working?  Then someone else looks at it for two seconds and points out the problem straight away?  So frustrating.  And it's always something so obvious!

That's what we do.

We help you quickly find the handbrake holding your business back.

Most business owners and leaders don't have time for courses and trendy useless feel good garbage.  We don't either.

With that in mind, we designed a 6 week program leaving you with the knowledge of how to transform your business for good. The program doesn't require time away from your business to get results.

After you've done the initial work we'll take you out of your business for a long weekend taking things to another level of learning, and connecting with people just like you. Doers!

We don't hold hands.  Its a 'Give, Take, Do' kind of relationship.  We GIVE you the knowledge, you TAKE the information and then you DO what needs to be done.

It's up to you whether you act on this knowledge.  It just comes down to how important your business is to you, your family and your employees.

Steven and Felecia at Guzman (2).jpg

Who We Are

Who We Are

10 years ago, Steven was a merchant Banker and Felecia was in the rag trade.  Despite the different industries, they were both in the business of making big money for other people.

Steven decided to set up a Mystery Shopping business.  Felecia joined him shortly after.

Felecia created business processes which remain three times more efficient than the competition.  Steven sold to Australia's biggest companies from a zero base.

Here's what they realised. When working with corporates, you never deal with the decision maker. This faceless decision maker can end the business relationship in one foul swoop, regardless of the value you give, and without even meeting you.

In the Mystery Shopping business they have evaluated over 200,000 stores around the world, and have seen over 100 different sales systems and management philosophies.  The data showed them what works, and what doesn't.  The corporates just don't have enough stake in the business to listen or act on the results.

The Mystery Shopping business is successful and it continues today.  But they shifted  focus.

After playing this game for some time, it became clear that the corporates needed to be fired.  Steven and Felecia decided to work with people who want growth, change and a successful business.  People who will take action.

ThreeSeven Consulting was born.

  Steven Di Pietro

Steven Di Pietro

I worked in Banking for many years.  Eventually I got sick of swimming with sharks.

The good thing was that I learnt all about big business disciplines.

The bad thing is it makes you lazy.

No-one has responsibility in large corporates.  I'm talking about the responsibility which comes from starting a business with no clients, no experience, no credibility, and no cash flow.

If it fails, so does your whole life.  Corporate employees simply go to the next paycheque.

I've had all the classic education of Commerce degrees and and MBA.  Somehow I even became a Certified Accountant. The education was useful, but it doesn't teach you how to live in the stresses and responsibility of your own business.

More importantly, I now educate myself in what "I" consider important.  Everything from Philosophy, to Writing and Presentation skills to Sales and Niche Marketing.

All that experience, all that learning, and all those scars are what I now bring to my clients.  And I love it.  I love working with committed people who want to get shit done.

  Felecia Bramble

Felecia Bramble

I used to work in the rag trade where I did everything from IT to doubling sales.

Even when I became a senior manager in a boys club I was forced to fight like hell.  Instead of concentrating on what I was employed to do - growth, success, and profit; I had to fight for the basics.  I fought for staff, warehouse space, getting my sales processed and even fighting for my desk.  Dumb!

I'm a hard working person with the results to prove it. Cut costs? Done! Increase sales? Done!  Pay rise?  “You should be grateful to have a job in this economy”.

No matter how hard I worked, it was clear that others only cared about their own pockets or careers.  As a result they didn't get the most out of me (or others) because of the bullshit games.

I have built successful teams and delivered awesome results with and without the games. The most successful teams, were bullshit free.  Go figure!

When my time came to be an owner, I did it my way, by my rules. I knew what to do, and what not to do.

Now I help other businesses smash through performance barriers by helping them get their systems and processes right.  I still love doing that work, the only difference is that nowadays I work with who I like.

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Most people blame the outside world when things go wrong.  This might be true in some cases, however people tend to create their own roadblocks.

As business owners there are decisions we all have to make that really suck.  Some will avoid making the decision, others pick the easy option, and others make the right decision and move on.

You have undiscovered talents, and hidden flaws you probably even hide from yourself. This is where business transformation starts.

We give you the tools to do this all yourself.  Everyone is amazed at what they find.

Your partners

Partners in business are the other people who have skin in the game, and who make decisions (not silent partners).

Partners in life also affect your decision making process. So we make sure you pay attention to both.

These relationships should make the business stronger, rather than get in the way.

Aligning your goals with your partners is not always possible, but we help you understand where they are coming from. There is a difference.

Imagine understanding them better, getting through to each other, and with more respect.


Your staff

Sure you're the boss.  You are the hard ass making the rules and people should just do as they're told right?  Wrong.

Your staff need to know that you have their backs, that you'll fight for them.  If your staff know this, they will have your back and fight for you - and therefore your business.

This can only happen if you know and understand the people you've surrounded yourself with, and if you understand yourself.

Unsurprisingly, you have your own agenda and goals, and so do the people around you.




Most owners concentrate on their product or service, because that's what they're good at, and why they got into business to start with.

They don't pay enough attention to the stuff that customers don't see.

We get people focused on:

  • Strategy
  • Staff
  • Sales
  • Back-office efficiency
  • Customer Service, and
  • Supplier Management


Well, that’s why some people in your industry are more successful than others.  It’s not because of the economy, or because they were cheaper, or nicer, or whatever.  It’s because they got the other shit right.

We’ll help you cut through what holds your business back.

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Our criteria

Our criteria

We don't work with just anyone.  We only work with decision makers who pass our criteria.

We are very clear on who we will work with.

After decades of working 'in' or 'with' big corporates, we know exactly who we can help the best, and, who we want to work with.

Sound arrogant?  Our decision not to take money from people who won't act is a serious one.  We don't want the brain damage.

We will only work with companies where:

  • we can deal with at least one owner
  • the owners are not dickheads
  • the business is already established
  • the business has employees
  • the business is not headed for the scrap heap
  • the owners want to crank things up
  • the owners are ready
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Do you fit?

Do you fit?

There is so much that goes into these programs that it’s impossible to summarise.  But it goes like this:

  • You’ll be hooked up with other people like you.
  • You’ll be supported.
  • You’ll get awesome new ideas for your business.
  • You’ll actually get to think about your business for a change.
  • You’ll get to meet and learn from other real life owners.
  • You’ll be worn out.
  • You’ll be exhilarated.
  • You’ll be successful.

Now, before you get all excited and get your credit card - there is a first step.

We get flooded with people who don’t fit the criteria. We focus everything on our clients, so don’t want to waste our time talking to pretenders who won’t do the work.

We need to understand a little more about your business and where you're at, before we sign you up.  Therefore we are happy to invest 45 minutes on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit.

Click on the button below to sign up for a free phone consult.  From there we can work out which of the strategies we could use for your business to flourish, and not be so dependent on you.

You will get massive value from the free consult and hopefully we can welcome you aboard with the secret handshake.

Peace out